12 steps to attract customers

Attracting the customers to your product is essential in the world of marketing, here are some important marketing phrases you can use to better grab customers’ attention:

1- Think as a customer
When you will play a role as customer and think as buyer not seller, you can take the right decision and place a successful marketing plan

2- Exclusive offer for limited time offer
When customers know there is an exclusive offer that they can take advantage of for a limited time, they are more likely to be motivated to buy

3- Discount & sale
Customers are always looking to save money, use such a phrase to emphasize that your product offers an opportunity to save them money

4- Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
When you promise your customers a satisfaction guarantee, they feel confident and secure in purchasing your product

5- New collection, models or product …
People are always looking for something new, use this phrase to highlight what is unique and innovative about your product

6- Free
The word “free” always catches people’s attention, If you’re offering a free gift with purchases, try using that word

7- High rating
If your product has been highly appreciated or well-rated by customers or experts, don’t hesitate to promote this achievement

8- Ease of use
Customers value products and services that they can use easily, use this phrase to show that your product is easy to use

9- Advantages of using
When marketing your product, try to highlight the tangible results and benefits that customers will receive by purchasing your product

10- 24-hour support
If you offer 24/7 support, try to emphasize this feature to ensure customer convenience

11- Express Delivery
When customers know they will get their product quickly, they are more likely to buy

12- Free trial
If you’re offering a free trial of your product or service, use this phrase to entice customers to try it