Necessity of interior design services

There are a high percentage of furniture showroom customers ranging between 25% ~ 50% are interested in services of interior design

Therefore, the purchasing decision maker will not only be the consumer, the architect will certainly share his opinion and influence your potential deal

This will require you to pay attention to the requirements of architects, which are usually more professional and complex

By having an architect in your marketing team, you can offer this service to your clients in a fairly free way, which will allow your architect to provide the interior design service according to the needs of clients and certainly according to the specifications of your products as well

More than that, it is better to agree with a company to supply home interior design products such as marble, faucets, and doors. By offering to sell these products, you will obtain many advantages that will bring you closer to complete the main deal for selling furniture, in addition to increase the overall value of selling deal

At MinTurk we care about this and prepare selected collections of high-quality products

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