“Made In Turkey” in Marketing

We are living in a time that industry becomes very developed and complicated which obliged associations and countries to organize and control product’s standards with strict regulations in order protect consumers purchasing decisions

One of the most important standards is country name, from this point Turkey was started and booked high place in product’s quality scale which reflect customers desires and Turkey’s rank

“Made in Turkey” products has very good place in customers culture specially in Middle East, middle Asia and Europe, this target was not easy taking in our consideration the high competition that new global regime is applied

The ability of “Made in Turkey” products came in the right time and achieve the correct place that suitable Turkey as bridge between east and west, Made in Turkey product combines high quality and reasonable prices

If we look to the mentality of “Made in Turkey” potential markets we will find that Chinese goods means low quality with cheap prices, and the European goods means high quality with high prices, it must be another origin between of them and Made in Turkey goods could fill this gap and got a good share of regions market

The future is full of challenges and “Made in Turkey” products should be improved and open new markets in addition to strengthen its place in the current markets

In many countries now it is enough to use “Made in Turkey” as winner slogan in marketing plan, which is briefed a long way has passed to gain such achievement

Kinan Alkurdi