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Shipping Policy


When you will ship my order?


Your order of will be submitted to the shipping company as mentioned perion on product page, after that the period will be as mentioned in your shipping choice



Should I pay extra shipping fee when I receive my purchases?


The shipping fee will be paid by you to when you are placing the order, no need to pay extra charges for shipping in your country



How can I know shipping fee?


The shipping fee varies according to delivered country and the amount of purchasing, You can check the shipping fee by selecting delivering country after adding your order to the cart and before completing buying steps



Can I track my order?


You can track your order with the shipping code shared with via SMS or e-mail



Which shipping companies you are dealing with?


The authorized shipping companies in are DHL, FEDEX, UPS in addition to sea freight and land freight shipping companies, choosing them according to the delivery place




What will happen if I receive broken parts of furniture?


First of all you should inform Minturk directly and send photos about broken box or part,

Minturk will contact the supplier and send you the broken part as soon as possible,

If the mentioned part is broken by wrong assembling, maybe you will be asked about its charge,

If the mentioned part is broken by shipping, you will receive the required part free of charge as soon as possible



What should I do when I will receive my order? 


You should inspect the shipment upon delivery, if you have any problem or damaged packing, please describe and mention the issue in the voucher of receipt that you will receive by the driver, and contact us to explain the problem and get our assistance



How I can assemble the furniture?


You should check the assembling book which you can find it inside the product's boxes and follow its instructions exactly



How you ship my order?


Minturk selected carefully the shipping companies and suitable options for each product in our web site to ensure you receiving the safest, fastest, and most reliable delivery service



How you will ship Large Parcel and Furniture?


Our authorized shipping company is specialized in transporting the large parcel, so you can be sure that your order will arrive you safely



How I will receive my order of furniture?


Our delivery team will contact you to arrange the appointment of delivery,

They will deliver you the order up to the building entrance of your home,

You will be responsible about uploading the goods to your home, we recommend you to ask someone for assistance at the receiving time