The perfect reply is to be different than others that you will meet, actually jewelry's meaning is the difference not value, even you wear the most expensive jewelry and meet someone who has the same you will feel fault.

After that it should not looks like cheap or sending wrong message of you, taking in your consideration the culture of your society, this is very important factor too, some people choose strange culture models, mostly will be wrong decision, in addition to fit your clothes, age and budget.

All the days and everywhere you can choose simple, classic, and sophisticated jewelry, such choices will put you always in right place, in the past the big jewelry means richness but now it does not.

When you will have new collection of jewelry it will reflect definitely positively towards your feeling and psychological, replacing jewelry with new models and showing your new collection will let others look toward you, do not forget that jewelry can send message about your feeling, thinking, and something you would like to say, jewelry should satisfy you firstly then the others.

Some people prefer to create their own character by choosing the suitable designs, shapes and models of jewelry according to their desire, another people would like to follow their stars and wear as same as their choices, but even that be remember that your star is not like you and what she/he wear is the suitable for him/her, maybe her/his choice of jewelry is not appropriate for you.

One more thing you should wear the appropriate jewelry in the appropriate time, which means do not wear party's jewelry as daily use, such choices probably will leave negative effects more than positive, and the result will be opposite than you want.