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It is our pleasure to introduce Minturk2B as supplier for high quality Turkish products of kitchen appliances, furniture and home textile  


Our long experience enabled us to offer wide range of products and high services with best prices that reflect your needs and desire


Features of cooperation with Minturk ; 


-       Possibility of choosing a lot of products in one shipment   

-       Getting the best prices of high-quality products  

-       Inspecting the goods according to your standards

-       Following your shipments and orders

-       Selling your products online in your country by our ecommerce website


We are applying in Minturk high standards of serving our dealers which allowed us to build long term relationship with them


if you have chain stores or if you have small store definitely you will find all your target products in our collections 


You can download our catalogs by click on below pictures, and for more information please contact us by: [email protected]